Concentrated WLAN solution for businesses


In recent years, wireless connection appears to bring a completely new and convenient user experience. There are many solutions related to wireless networks, let’s learn how to centrally manage WLAN wireless networks through the article below!

An enterprise has many branches, branches are equipped with wifi transmitters or not equipped with wifi network, the equipment is not synchronized, the wifi network is unstable, not able to manage. The reason for centralized wifi equipment is the existing current situation in the infrastructure system of enterprises in Vietnam today.

1. The need to use wireless WLAN solutions today

Enterprises want to equip the wifi infrastructure network in their branches, capable of providing stable, high-speed public wifi services to users.

Giải pháp mạng không dây WLAN

The need for WLAN solutions in businesses today

The need for centralized management of all Wifi transmitters (Access Point (AP)) at branches headquartered is the network operation center, management of the network (Network Operating Center – NOC).

Businesses have limited initial investment costs.

Monitor the location of multiple Wi-Fi devices at the same time at the NOC.

Monitor user behavior, download data via wifi network in each wifi device, each branch.

Make sure your device supports the latest generation wireless security standards (WPA2).

Allow outsiders to use wifi but must comply with the policy.

2. Several Wifi network solutions are offered for businesses

Wifi network solution of Rukus with aesthetically designed equipment, strong broadcasting capacity, easy deployment, suitable for the environment with high device density.

Giải pháp mạng không dây WLAN

This is a solution that meets the requirements of a Wifi network that directly serves specialized applications, requiring a strong, stable and highly available Wifi-wave environment such as hospitals (for specialized medical equipment), network infrastructure solutions for hotels, areas with high equipment density.

3. Equipment system for each branch of the enterprise

It is necessary to identify devices, users, and applications using the Wi-Fi network in each branch to select the most optimal Wifi device.

Giải pháp mạng không dây WLAN

Wifi devices of Ruckus Networking

It is also necessary to determine the device density, the maximum number of users, …. To choose the right number of Wifi devices is not lacking, affecting the speed of the network and not redundancy. The arrangement of Wifi transmitters should be paid attention so that the device is in the center of the area that needs coverage, increasing the number of devices in areas with high density of devices using wifi networks.

4. The main features when bringing the Wifi solution

Set up a firewall.

SSIDs for different user groups on different VLANs in Accesspoint devices.

Integrate with many types of authentication AD, NTLM, RADIUS, TACACS +, eDirectory, LDAP, RSA, Client Agent, …

Bandwidth optimization.

Heavy duty environment with concurrent traffic volume, secure and secure connection for businesses.

5. Benefits brought by the solution to businesses and customers

Giải pháp mạng không dây WLAN

WLAN infrastructure in enterprises

Improving the management of the entire WLAN system through a single administration interface, the hotspots (APs) are centrally managed at a wireless controller (Cloud enabled). .

Control all AP devices in the network, including devices located in different geographical locations.

Integrate with network systems using Single Sign On (single password authentication for all systems) of the enterprise.

Administrators can directly grant access to customers or employees (guest) by time (hour).

To ensure high security, each user will have a separate password, on the Dashboard window all connections are recorded and notified.

The strength of this solution is suitable for the environment without IT support, in order to simplify the management of the customer, and easy operation.

Above, the centralized WLAN management solution for WLAN is selected by businesses to provide stable transmission at a reasonable cost.

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