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AEX Business Audio Solutions has given today’s background music system a different light. It has incorporated the innovative audio advertisement and staff management broadcast features into it with higher quality sound reproduction and lower installation cost.

AEX Background Music System has been widely used in hospitality, tourism, commercial, health care, education, industrial, transport as well as public sectors.

Business Audio Solution

AEX, we do not believe in doing business the same old way and expecting a different result. Here we implement new technology and new ways of streaming music, audio advertisement and announcements for staff management into the multiple areas of the system – disrupting the way the commercial audio is currently being delivered.

Business Audio Solution

The advancement of technology especially in the network industry has not only made the entire background music system more powerful and its operation flexible and simple, it has also brought down the cost of installation tremendously. AEX Businness Audio Solutions is going to bring a revolutionary change to the Business Music industry.

1. Create a Pleasant Atmosphere

Streaming different music to different areas of a business premise will have a positive effect on the business’s guest mood. For years hotel operators have leveraged on background music system solution to have different music to different areas of the hotel.

Business Audio Solution

It has proven very successful in improving their guest experience. Many restaurants are very careful in their music selection in order to provide the right ambiance for their dining guests. Today’s malls are putting a lot of emphasis on their background music system in order to increase their visitor’s traffic.

Business Audio Solution

2. Cost Saving with Better sound Quality

In the network era today, a network background music system can be implemented with much lesser installation cost. This network background music system is residing on the already available network infrastructure. Every network port can be configured to become the background music system input or output ports.

Business Audio Solution

The network amplifiers can be placed very close to the speakers and the system need not have to run long speaker cables to all the speakers. With this, the speakers can be the high fidelity low impedance speakers that produces better quality music. The VBS Series also supports our AirStream wireless speaker allowing speakers to be installed in areas with no cabling required.

Business Audio Solution

3. Improve Productivity of service staffs

AEX background music solution can also be utilized to increase staffs productivity and facilitates management communication. Besides its user-friendly software, This system comes with an innovative mobile device App that allows user to control and manage the system.

Business Audio Solution

The apps allow:

  • Mobile app paging, imagine if service managers are able to make announcements to back of house staff to get faster staff response while on the move, all this translates to a better guest experience.
  • The mobile app also allows monitoring and controlling the volume and music selections remotely all on the fly

4. Return on Investment

The Business Audio Solution is not necessarily a pure capital expenditure to a business. It can be an investment that is going to bring in returns eventually. The system offers the unique flexibility to schedule in notices on current offers and promotions going on within the business premise.

Business Audio Solution

These reminders are tastefully interlaced into the music playlist. Malls are making use of the system to insert audio notices to promote their tenants – which in return the mall operator can charge their tenants a fee. This concept can also be utilized in hotels whereby certain events or hotel promotions can be communicated to the guest.

Difference between the conventional BGM Systems and the VBS Series Business Audio Solution

Business Audio Solution
Business Audio Solution

VBS Series Business Audio Solution

Business Audio Solution

H Series Professional Speakers

Business Audio Solution

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