What is a virtual VoIP PBX?

Virtual VoIP PBX is one of the smart systems for businesses today. When you apply technology to anything, it’s always cheaper and better than the old one. Therefore, the virtual switchboard will help businesses in saving costs and increasing the quality of calls with customers. Let’s learn VoIP virtual switchboard in the article below.

1. What is virtual VoIP PBX?

Virtual VoIP PBX is a telephone service using an IP platform to make calls to any prefix in the world. Just simple installation from the service provider with Internet connection is the enterprise can use the virtual switchboard to consult and sell.

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What is a virtual VoIP PBX?

This service is installed in such a way that businesses can equip IP phones or take advantage of existing Analog phones to connect to VoIP Gateway equipment. The service provider then hands over the software and configures them so that you can connect to their infrastructure, so you can comfortably use the virtual switchboard like a real PBX without having to start. from an expensive physical PBX system.

2. The outstanding advantages of virtual PBX

The main thing that businesses need is the reason they have to switch to virtual switchboards when operating stably (or having problems but are too familiar, difficult to quit) with the old physical switchboard system. Here are the reasons:

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The outstanding advantages of virtual PBX for businesses today

  • For prefixes and subscribers: If the hardware switchboard wants to receive 10 incoming calls at the same time, it must use 10 lines at the cost of 10 subscribers out of 10 numbers of the voice provider. Soft switchboard only needs 1 subscriber number that can receive many incoming and outgoing calls at the same time. Therefore, it saves investment costs in the PBX system and is stable in the long run.
  • Soft switchboard is 100% compatible with service prefixes such as 1900, 1800, …
  • The switchboard receives many incoming calls at the same time but the prefix subscriber is just a number. Customers and business partners do not need to remember too many numbers to call the company.
  • Receive calls to actively divert according to working schedule, outside working hours or forward to other phone numbers of any provider quickly and flexibly.
  • Display name by phone number to call available in phonebook.
  • Actively block outbound extensions, block incoming numbers from harassing.
  • Easily upgrade, change or extend extensions as well as more advanced features. Hard switchboards expand limited extensions, upgrade limited functionality.
  • Quickly and easily change and apply greeting and announcements to the operator.
  • All extensions are used only on a common network line with the existing network system, and the hardware switchboard needs to be wired to each extension.
  • Can have multiple numbers on a switchboard at the same time that one number can be received or dialed many calls at a time.
  • No maintenance cost, no need for operator.
  • Large recording storage area (can increase arbitrary capacity) and many other features.

3. NEC’s PBX solution and customer care at U & ME

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