MPO System

The Nexans’ Plug&Play concept is specially designed for the LAN and data centre environment. It facilitates fast installation of a large number of fibre connections, high density, quick changes with limited down time and an easy migration path to future applications.
The Plug&Play system consists of 3 subcomponents: the MTP¬MTP Pre¬Term, the Plug&Play modules and the Plug&Play patch panel.
The MTP¬MTP Pre¬Term provides the connectivity between 2 Plug&Play modules installed in the Plug&Play patch panels in 2 different racks. The MTP connector allows to quickly connecting the 12 fibres of the MTP¬MTP Pre¬Term at the back of each Plug&Play module. Inside the Plug&Play module the fibres are spread out towards the LC connectors at the front.